Tony O'Kane | Mar 11, 2010

A LITTLE HEARD-OF Taiwanese brand may soon become the newest Asian carmaker to break into global markets.

Luxgen, Taiwan’s only indigenous car brand that’s not directly affiliated with an overseas manufacturer, aims to bring its vehicles to several global regions, principally the Middle East and South East Asia.

Central America, Russia and China are also areas that the two year-old brand is targeting.

Luxgen, whose name is an amalgam of “luxury” and “genius”, currently has only two models in its stable: a seven-seater MPV and an SUV. The Luxgen 7 MPV is the company’s current technological showcase, and the car that it will likely export first.

The Luxgen 7 is powered by a 2.2 litre turbocharged petrol engine and uses a five-speed automatic transmission, but it’s the car’s in-cabin technology that’s designed to impress.

An in-car computer manages entertainment, sat-nav and telecommunications systems, and also controls other safety features. The computer runs on Windows CE architecture, and Taiwanese mobile phone company HTC also had a hand in the computer’s programming.

A 360-degree surveillance camera, a night-vision camera and a side-view camera are also integrated into the car’s computer, while a lane-departure warning system monitors the vehicle’s position on the road.

Unlike other fledgling Asian carmakers, Luxgen is keen to establish itself on the strength of its technology rather than bargain-basement pricing.

However, whether such a strategy succeeds for the Taiwanese brand remains to be seen, as Luxgen has yet to announce a start date for its export program.

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