Mike Stevens | Mar 11, 2010

RESEARCH BY INSURER Budget Direct this month has shown that a significant majority of motorists want cyclists to pay registration fees if they are to ride on the road.

Surveying 1251 customers, the research showed that almost half of the respondents would like to see cyclist registration fees introduced, with the funds to go towards infrastructure to better accommodate cars and bicycles.

Four out of five motorists believe that more bicycle paths would create a better environment for cyclists and motorists alike, while half of the respondents admitted to having a limited understanding of the laws that apply to cyclists.

"This isn't the first time we have researched how motorists feel toward cyclists, and while education and understanding of the road rules is improving, there is still confusion as to how these two road user groups can work together," Budget Direct's Richelle Ward said.

Ms Ward said that despite improved Government involvement, more could be done to help motorists and cyclists get along.

"Reports show that 2009 was the 10th consecutive year that bicycle sales in Australia have outsold cars, and while our governments are actively investing in cycling infrastructure, there is still an opportunity for greater understanding on the roads between motorists and cyclists."

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