Mike Stevens | Mar 10, 2010

SONY AND POLYPHONY DIGITAL have released yet another preview trailer for the upcoming Gran Turismo 5.

WIth a March 31 Japanese-market deadline and still with no sign of a Western release date, the new trailer comes as a reminder that, out there somewhere, the latest instalment in the GT5 line-up is on its way.

Late last year, Sony Computer Entertainment America’s Chris Hinojosa-Miranda said the company is hoping for a Summer 2010 (US) launch - around June or July at the earliest.

With Japan's anticipated March release now delayed, a June/July Western release would seem unlikely.

This new trailer features shots of in-game racing, pit stops, NASCAR and - of course - night racing scenes.

In total, more than 53 million copies of the Gran Turismo games have been sold since the title's launch on the original PlayStation in 1997.

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