Mike Stevens | Jun 4, 2008

Universal Pictures have released 17 snarling, rabid photos from their cage on the back lot of the studios, revealing that Paul W.S. Anderson's upcoming film Death Race is set to take everything we know and love about classic post-apocalyptic car movies—including the original Death Race 2000 film upon which it's loosely based—and drop a warm curly one on them all.

But that's okay, because films like this are supposed to be fairly terrible. Really, the worse they are, the more likely they are to attract hideously malformed people like myself.

Starring Jason Statham and Tyrese Gibson, and produced by couch-jumping Tom Cruise, Death Race centres around a future where all prison inmates are required to take part in a carmageddonesque race to the death (get it now?). Statham's character has mere weeks until his release from prison before he too is finally sucked into the driver's seat. He quickly becomes a fan favourite, the crowds dubbing him "Frankenstein". Screams originality, doesn't it!

[Check out Statham's MadMaxed new-generation Ford Mustang at /Slashfilm]

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