Mike Stevens | Feb 23, 2010

WITH THE ROLL-OUT of the first batch of 200 new digital cameras now under way in NSW, lead-footed motorists are at risk of being penalised twice if they speed through a red light.

The new cameras, capable of detecting both speeding and red light offences in the same moment, could see drivers losing their licence in one flash.

The state's next double-demerit period is due to begin in the week before Easter. During that time, a driver speeding 20km/h over the limit through a red light in a school zone could lose 13 demerit points if the intersection has one of the new cameras installed.

Four locations in NSW are set to get permanent red-light and speed cameras, with another five of the dual-use cameras to be rotated over 25 known trouble spots across the state.

The RTA is responsible for the 'safety cameras'; the first having been installed at Canley Heights in December.

Police Minister Michael Daley said that the popular Trapster mobile phone application might soon prove unreliable, with police using the software to report false locations.

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