2011 BMW X5 M Sport Package: First Look

Mike Stevens | Feb 10, 2010

EARLIER THIS WEEK, BMW revealed the updated-for-2011 BMW X5, due to go on sale in Australia from June.

Today however, a new image has appeared on one of BMW's international websites, one where buyers can configure their new car with optional extras and different paint options.

Look closely and the image depicts what appears to be the new X5 M Sport Package (whoops... 'slips' BMW).


Technical details are limited, but on the strength of the image, it looks as though the X5 M Sport Package will include the requisite body kit and larger 19 or 20-inch wheels.

If other M Sport models and the 2009 X5 M Sport are any indication, interior options will include sport seats, a M Sport steering wheel and unique aluminium highlights.

Little else is known at this point, but BMW is likely to reveal more in the coming weeks.

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  • Tom says,
    6 years ago
  • Johnny says,
    6 years ago
    Umm... Can someone remind me the point of having a sport version 4WD?

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