Mike Stevens | May 31, 2008

There was a time when personalised registration plates were built around the idea of a car being 2SEXY4U, or the type of car that you should NV. Nowadays though, as the younger internet generation—those who were virtually born into an internet-ready world—finally start to graduate from Need For Speed to Check Me Out I'm Licenced, we're starting to see plates built around "netspeak".

And it doesn't just stop at "ROFL" and "LOLWTF", oh no. There are plates getting around that exist purely on the strength of internet memes such as "Goatse", "LOLCats", and the phenomenon of white kids who act black online. I'll leave it to your own Google prowess to find out what Goatse is, but trust me: you absolutely do not want to know. Consider yourselves warned.

Check out the NeoGAF forums for a photo collection of some of the funnier—and cruder—plates out there. Some of them you'll get, and some of them of you won't. It's a generational and cultural thing.


Thanks for the link, Shane!

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