Mike Stevens | Jan 26, 2010

THE TOP GEAR juggernaut looks set to take its first step into the video game realm, with reports out of Europe this morning suggesting an iPhone game is in the offing.

According to British tech website ElectricPig, the BBC is looking to turn a number of its properties into video games, with the likes of Doctor Who and Top Gear to appear in iPhone apps and even Facebook games.

For now, the BBC has offered no word on what sort of features a Top Gear game would offer. At this early stage, it's possible the concept is little more than a brainstorm from an executive who's just discovered the iPhone.

The iPhone has proven to be a popular gaming platform across all sorts of genres, from car racing to puzzle games - so it's not difficult to imagine little pixelated Clarksons (and even littler Hammonds) rocketing around a virtual Top Gear Test Trackā€¦ in fact, it's almost a given. What took you so long, BBC?

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