2010 BMW 5 Series Sedan Revealed Further In New Videos

Mike Stevens | Jan 25, 2010

FOLLOWING ITS UNVEILING late last year, BMW has released a trio of videos for the all-new 2010 BMW 5 Series.

The first of the three videos features the new F10 5 Series Sedan cruising around a race track, while the second and third videos offer a better look at the new model's interior and on-road look.

Drawing styling cues from the new 7 Series and the recently unveiled 5 Series GT, the new F10 5 Series sedan succeeds the Chris Bangle-designed E60.

In top trim, the new 5 Series is good for a 0-96km/h (0-60mph) run of just 5 seconds - those numbers belonging to the range-topping 550i. Top speed is electronically limited to 210kmh, or 240km/h with the optional Sport package.

The Sport package features BMW Adaptive Drive: an assortment of electronic driver aids that include Driving Dynamics Control, Electronic Damper Control and Active Roll Stabilisation.

An electronic limited-slip differential joins the package, coming online when DSC is switched off.

Click here to read all the details on the upcoming F10 5 Series, expected to arrive in Australia around the middle of this year.

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  • Bavarian Missile says,
    6 years ago
    I can finally see some CS Concept coming out in the range..............fantastic !
  • David says,
    6 years ago
    The e34 was sweet. The e39 was bloated in comparison. Bangle's e60 introduced amazing panel form, but awkward lines as well. This design is more cohesive than Bangle's, but it lacks impact. All in all a fairly average effort.
  • John says,
    6 years ago
    I think this design will be a lot more successful than the outgoing E60, just because of the improved styling (The E60 being such an aesthetically challenged car). I like the new design overall, but I feel the tail lights are a bit underdone. They look like something that belongs on a smaller car; not really fitting the style of a full size luxury car in my opinion.