Mike Stevens | May 29, 2008

The magnificent Daniel McCoey is a well-connected man, that nobody can deny. So when he throws 370Z images at us, we look. Dan's email this morning said nothing more than "Confirmation image of 370Z". A message which would generally lead one to assume that this must be a legitimate Nissan image, non?

But I just don't know. The poorly rendered black slats in the grille and "teeth" jutting up from the bottom of the intake, the jaggedness of the panel gap separating the headlight from the front quarter panel, the almost sticker-looking door handle, and the fact that it's wearing the same rims as the previous model, all lead me to think this is nothing more than yet another "photochop". At least this one has the 240Z-style kink, though.

Click through to see a larger version of the image Dan lobbed at us.

Update: I was able to find this tiny thumbnail of what appears to be yet another photochop of the same official 350Z image. The sky is different, but the angle appears to be identical—as does the salt flat that the car is sitting on.


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