Ford Australia To Phase Out Four-Speed And Five-Speed Automatics For New Six-Speed

Mike Stevens | Jan 20, 2010

FORD AUSTRALIA IS set to drop both its four-speed and five-speed automatic transmissions in the coming year - a move which could also signal the end for the ageing Falcon Wagon.

A new six-speed transmission will debut in the new diesel Territory and four-cylinder EcoBoost Falcon around the middle of next year.

Rather than using the current ZF six-speed transmission, the new six-speed is expected to be sourced from Ford's global parts catalogue.

While the five-speed auto used in the FG Falcon is built in France, the four-speed automatic was developed by Australian company Drive Systems International - recently purchased by Chinese carmaker Geely.

Ford's four-speed automatic was first introduced in 1989 with the EA Falcon II. Following a succession of overhauls and upgrades over the years, it is currently pressed into duty in the rear-wheel-drive Territory and the outgoing Falcon Wagon.


Speaking from Detroit, Ford Australia CEO Marin Burela was coy when asked if adopting the new six-speed would impact on pricing of its models, pointing instead to the fuel economy benefits a six-speed transmission offers.

A specific date has not been offered for the four-speed automatic's demise, but it is expected to make its exit when Ford introduces a liquid injection LPG system for the Falcon sometime around October.

The LPG-powered Falcon will be the first car sold in Australia to feature liquid injection LPG technology. HSV announced last year that it is developing its own LPG/LPI system, but has yet to confirm a launch date.

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  • laurie says,
    6 years ago
    hmm maybe Ford should jump straight into a seven speed auto like so many other car manufactures or make it an option

  • Wheelnut says,
    6 years ago
    I wonder if the Ford 6-speed will be as good/bad as GMs 6-speed auto; used in the Commodore?

    Thing is the "ZF 6-speed" has become a chance for Falcon owners to boast that their car has the same gearbox as BMW and Merc-Benz etc.. which is why Holden are apparently considering using it - The GM-6 has been the Achilles heel in Commodore v Falcon comparisons.. its time to upgrade
  • Peter says,
    6 years ago
    Its taken them how long????

    And theyre actually patting themselves on the back telling the public theyre phasing them out. Shame on you Ford (as a Ford fan).

    Did Ford have a few tens of thousand of these (4 speeders) things sitting in the warehouse they needed to get rid of.

    Why are car manufacturer so slow in adopting technology that everyone else has been using for so long now.
  • Matt says,
    6 years ago
    There is two ways to read this...
    - ALL autos will be the Ford 6 speed - no more ZF sad
    - where the 4 & 5 speeds are currently used they will be replaced with the Ford 6 speed

    We need clarification on which one... I have the ZF in my FG, I would hate if Ford went "backwards"
  • Kevin Mulroney says,
    6 years ago
    Why is Ford dropping the wagon ? This car is easier to load ,better to drive,greater load length, eg.4 sets of golf clubs and buggies plus weekend supplies for 4 men . Excellent comfort and room for all .No other vehicle can do this without compromising luggage space & comfort.COME ON HENRY KEEP THIS VERY ADAPTABLE VEHICLE . We love them.