Mike Stevens | Jan 19, 2010

THE FILM FRANCHISE you either love, hate, or love to hate - The Fast And The Furious - is coming back for two more instalments, according to one of the series' stars.

In a post on his Facebook profile, actor Vin Diesel confirmed, in a roundabout way, that last year's Fast and Furious - the fourth film in the series - marked the start of a new trilogy.

"If 2009's 'Fast and Furious' was chapter one, what writer Chris Morgan just delivered is Chapter 2 and chapter 3.

"I have never been submitted a two story saga from a studio before... it is very exciting, and shows a commitment level that is hard not to respond to," Diesel said on his Facebook profile.

According to Diesel, the new story has "twists and unexpected turns that are authentic, truthful and challenging to the characters".

For The Fast And The Furious franchise, that's saying either a lot or very little at all - depending on your perspective.

The question for fans, open and secret alike, is where will the epic Fast and Furious story take us next?

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