Mike Stevens | Oct 15, 2010

Toyota's FT-86 G Sports Concept has arrived in Australia, unveiled today at the Australian International Motor Show.

Based on the FT-86 concept unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show late last year, this modified, turbo-charged show-piece was developed to help promote Toyota's new G Sports styling kits, exclusive to the Japanese market.

Toyota Australia has also confirmed the production version of the FT-86 is tentatively scheduled for a local debut in 2012 - although this will undoubtedly hinge on the car's international launch.

At the launch of the original FT-86 concept in Tokyo, Toyota President Akio Toyoda said the company needed to reconnect with younger buyers by producing fun-to-drive models.

"It is often said that young people today have drifted away from cars, but I feel it may not be the customers who have drifted from cars but us, the manufacturers," Mr Toyoda said.

"I believe it is the mission of auto makers to provide the fundamental excitement of automobiles to customers, regardless of the era," he said.

Externally, the FT-86 G Sports concept features a wide-body kit to accommodate a wider track, along with a lower, more open front bumper and intake arrangement.

A vented, unpainted carbon-fibre bonnet instantly connects the G Sports concept with its popular AE86 predecessor. Huge 19-inch wheels prop up each corner.

The aggressive, race-look body kit aside, the major addition to this FT-86 is a turbo-charger to the 2.0 litre Subaru-sourced boxer engine.

Unfortunately, Toyota and racing partner Gazoo have not offered any specific technical details for the FT-86 G Sports concept, so performance and engine output remains unknown.

The concept is also set to appear alongside its unmodified sibling in the upcoming Gran Turismo 5 video game.

A short trailer of the FT-86 G Sports concept driving in Gran Turismo 5 shows how the concept will look when it appears in the popular PlayStation 3 title (if, that is, the game ever arrives).


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