Mike Stevens | Jan 12, 2010

ALONGSIDE THE RECENTLY revealed SLS AMG at this week's Detroit Auto Show is a Mercedes-Benz sculpture which it says is a preview of the brand's future styling.

While there is speculation that this new artwork is an elaborate hint at the styling of a future version of the CLS four-door coupe, Mercedes Board Chairman Dr Dieter Zetsche was adamant that the concept is merely a preview of future possibilities.


"Creativity and inspiration are always the driving forces behind outstanding engineering achievements," Dr Zetsche said at Detroit today.

"With this work of art, we want to express the characteristic Mercedes-Benz design and, at the same time, convey an impression of our forthcoming new models."

Named "Rising Car", film buffs may be reminded of the imprisonment of Star Wars hero Han Solo, flash-frozen in carbonite.


According to Mercedes, the concept represents a vehicle "rising gently from a level plane, as if formed from liquid silver, or like a shimmering cloth draped gently over a new form".

"To us, automobile design means artistic, aesthetically and sensuously oriented creation," Head of Design, Prof Gorden Wagener said.

"Mercedes-Benz designers translate their artistic inspiration into the modern idiom of Mercedes-Benz automobile design, which combines dramatic details with harmony, style and passion.

"Mercedes-Benz design is clear, calm and consistent, but emotional and highly sensuous... (and)... best able to present automobile design as an art form in an authentic way."

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