Mike Stevens | Jan 9, 2010

PEUGEOT HAS TODAY revealed a new roadster concept ahead of its Geneva Motor Show unveiling, dubbed SR1.

Both stylish and traditional in its execution, the SR1's design signals a significant change in the company's design language. Joining the new concept is a revised, more stylised version of the Peugeot lion, last updated in 1998.


Bearing subtler, more conventional lines, the SR1's styling is a departure from the gaping maw, large headlights and prominent bonnet and bumper lines of previous models.

Unlike the 308 RC-Z concept, the SR1 is not expected to reach market, although elements of its design are likely to filter down to production models in years to come.

Power is provided by Peugeot's Hybrid4 system, with a 1.6 litre turbo-diesel four-cylinder engine driving the front wheels and a 71kW electric motor powering the rear wheels. Total power is expected to be around 235kW.


The HYbrid4 technology is described as a parallel system, allowing for motivation to be provided in any of three states: diesel-only, electric-only, or the two working in tandem.

While Mercedes expects to have its own diesel-electric hybrid on the market sooner, Peugeot's Hybrid4 system is expected to be among the first diesel hybrids available to consumers.

Set to debut in the Peugeot 3008 in 2011 and the RCZ sports car, Peugeot's Hybrid4 models will feature stop-start technology, offering overall CO2 emissions of just 99g/km.


A new, subtly revised Peugeot logo appears on the SR1 concept, with feet flat on the ground, a fuller mane, stronger arms and no tongue. Bold new lines run through the lion's body.

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