Toyota Etios Concept Revealed At Delhi Auto Expo

Mike Stevens | Jan 5, 2010

DESTINED FOR SALE In India and other emerging markets, Toyota has today revealed the Toyota Etios Concept at the Delhi Auto Expo.

Developed as a small family car, a production version of the Etios concept is due to go on sale in India later this year for less than AU$12,000 (500,000 rupees). Toyota expects to sell 70,000 units each year in India.


"India will play a pivotal role in Toyota's global expansion plans and the time has come for us to strategically accelerate our growth here," Toyota Vice-Chairman Kazuo Okamoto press at the Etios' unveiling.

Developed specifically for emerging markets, including Russia and Latin America, more than 2000 engineers in India and Japan worked on the Etios over the course of four years.

Both a sedan and a hatch version of the Etios concept is on display at the Delhi show, powered by newly developed 1.5 and 1.2 litre petrol engines.


To keep costs down, the Etios will reportedly be equipped with only one window wiper, along with basic seating and low-cost interior plastics.

Toyota has not yet revealed specific technical details for the new model.


According to Toyota, the Etios has been styled to evoke "a sense of advanced status," offering a spacious interior and abundant storage space.

Toyota said in December that it plans to begin production of the new car in India late next year, with Brazilian production due in 2011.

Fellow Japanese carmaker Honda today unveiled its own New Small Concept car, scheduled to launch in India in 2011 and expected sell for less than AU$12,000, making it a direct competitor to the Etios.

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  • Marto says,
    6 years ago
    I feel my life being drained when I look at those pictures.
  • Lifted Trucks for sale says,
    6 years ago
    Absolutely stunning cars..................... they all are amazing, I wish I could see more Images. smile
  • paddy says,
    6 years ago
    The front grille is the only part of this car that doesn't horrifically fail...