Steane Klose | May 23, 2008

"Some say, that if he left Britain, his ears would explode. However, they're wrong - because he's here. All we know is he's called The Stig."

News overnight suggests that our favourite anonymous racer the Stig has been filmed sans helmet in Belgium and he still has both his ears.

Warning! If you prefer the Stig to remain a mystery stop reading now.

The mythical Stig has been piloting cars at break neck speed around the Top Gear test track for years and despite never knowing who he (or she) was they have stolen none to small a part of our affections.

During the filming of one of Top Gear’s much loved challenges an infiltrator has managed to catch on video a person wearing what could only be the Stig’s white racing suit and carrying a white helmet – much like the Stigs. Is this the Stig and if so who is he?

The full video can be viewed over at and the person filmed has been identified as Tim Schrick, test driver extraordinaire.

This news perhaps raises more questions than it answers… Is Tim Schrick the Stig or does he just like white? Is Schrick the only Stig? At the end of the day, did we really want to know who is under that white helmet or was it better left a mystery?

To see Tim Schrick in action as Tim Schrick check out the following video.

[Source: via Autoblog]

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