Mike Stevens | Oct 12, 2010

The world's most luxurious city car, Aston Martin's Toyota iQ-based Cygnet, has been approved for production and will enter international markets in 2011.

The Cygnet will be powered by the same 72kW 1.3 litre litre engine as the iQ, driving the front wheels via a CVT automatic gearbox.

"The Cygnet is designed to support our sports cars by providing a greater degree of freedom in the urban context; it is a very special car, a premium but compact package with heart, soul and personality," Aston Martin CEO Dr Ulrich Benz said.

"This car is reality; Cygnet is the natural choice for those who want a premium, bespoke commuter car. It is a car without compromise, just like every other Aston Martin.

Our customers need a small car for urban and city use, and they want the right tools for the right job, to downsize creatively without compromising intelligence, artistry and personality."

In other words, the Cygnet is a stylish runabout designed to complement Aston's 'proper' range of V8 and V12-powered RWD sports cars. The ultimate Aston Martin accessory?

The body features some unique Aston-influenced styling touches (like the entire front end, tail-lights, fender vents and flush doorhandles), and the interior is trimmed in sumptuous leather.

A range of bespoke options will also be offered. Dr Bez promises that interior trim choices will be as extensive as those offered in higher-grade Aston Martins.

The all-important question of pricing has yet to be answered however, with speculation raging on just how much the British supercar company can demand for its primped-up Toyota.

Reports out of the UK suggest a price of around £30,000-50,000, translating to between AU$48,000 and $80,000. Other reports have claimed that the Cygnet will, at least initially, offered only to existing Aston Martin customers.

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