Mike Stevens | Dec 23, 2009

WHILE MCLAREN'S MP4-12C supercar was unveiled to the world in September, TV legend Jay Leno took a ride in the new McLaren during the car's testing phase.

Rocketed around the Top Gear test track by McLaren test driver Chris Goodwin, Leno describes the experience and outlines the virtues of the MP4-12C.

Leno was in the UK for his appearance as the Celebrity In A Reasonably Priced Car on Top Gear, with McLaren using the opportunity to transport a heavily camouflaged test car from its nearby Woking facility.

Writing for Britain's Times, Leno described the MP4-12C as a supercar on par with the sort of cars Lotus founder Colin Chapman was known for.

"Only when you go out in it do you sense how light it really is. Okay, it has a carbon-fibre tub and the lightest technology out there, but that lightness really translates to the track," Leno wrote.

"It felt extremely nimble, precise and accurate. All the things a Lotus is famous for but in a package that is uniquely McLaren."

Taking its name from McLaren’s Formula 1 heritage, the MP4-12C is powered by a new, McLaren-designed 3.8 litre twin-turbo V8 developing 447kW and 600Nm of torque. Nearly 80 percent of that torque is available from below 2000rpm.

[read Leno's full report at Times Online]

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