Mike Stevens | May 22, 2008

Update: It turns out this bird of prey has been delivered to a Las Vegas dealership, and is the only example that will be sold in such a way (assuming the dealer isn't keeping it himself), as the other 19 were sold long before they'd ever left the factory.

As any quick search here at TMR would reveal, the Lamborghini Reventón is something of a favourite of ours around the office. Well, Steane's got an alarming number of diesel 4X4 photos pinned to his wall, but there's a glossy Reventón print under there somewhere.

While wading through the usual spam this morning, we were greeted with an email declaring nothing more than "enjoy!". Assuming it was some crazy new form of advertising from Coca-Cola, we then noticed the attached images. Preparing ourselves for an onslaught of images from our rivals featuring some form of copulation—and not necessarily of the human variety—let me tell you, friends, there's not a can of Coke out there more loaded with Enjoy™ than these photos.

We're not too sure why or where this particular edition (number 1 of 20, mind you) of the F22 Raptor-inspired Reventón was being delivered—perhaps to the set of an exceedingly well-connected television show or maybe just Jay Leno's garage—but that's beside the point. I sure don't remember my own car being delivered in such a fashion! If not for the Reventón stamp on the side of the wooden container, I'd have expected to find some sort of ancient relic inside.

Though I think it's certainly safe to describe the Reventón's collectable status in the same vein.

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