Mike Stevens | Dec 22, 2009

technology developed 'in-house', Tasmania Police have caught 167 unregistered vehicles on the State's roads in its first 10 days of operation.

Some 107 disqualified and unlicenced drivers were caught in the same period.

Introduced earlier this month, the new system is installed not only in Police patrol cars, but as an application on Police-issued Apple iPhones and other mobile devices.

By entering a vehicle's registration number, the system's operator is able to transmit the details to a central database and retrieve vital information within moments.

Similarly, officers can use the Police-only iPhone app, along with the device's 3G connection, to achieve the same results when away from the vehicle.

The system, which allows officers to check for outstanding warrants and whether an individual has a police record, has been introduced to save officers from contacting Radio Dispatch Services to complete a check.

Apart from checking up on vehicles and individuals, the in-car computer logs jobs, tracks the location of police vehicles and acts as a GPS navigation system.

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