Mike Stevens | Dec 17, 2009

BASED ON THE diminutive Toyota iQ city car, Aston Martin has today revealed the production-ready Aston Martin Cygnet.

Featuring a higher grade of luxury and specification than any car in its class has seen before, Aston hopes to have the Cygnet concept in European showrooms next year.


Speaking on the project earlier in the year, Aston Martin CEO Dr Ulrich Bez said the Cygnet is the ideal daily commuter for buyers accustomed to a level of luxury well above the average supermini offering.

“Until now, small cars offered a message that people are buying something cheap,” Mr Bez said.

“The Cygnet will show that small cars can also make a statement. It will be an intelligent purchase for people concerned about the environment, but who also want to enjoy all the luxury associated with a premium brand such as Aston Martin.”


Describing the Cygnet as a 'no compromises' model, Bez said the supercarmaker would work to offer all the trim and customisation options its buyers can find with its 'regular' models.

The decision to go ahead with the ultra-small car was made in response to incoming European Union legislation requiring automakers to reduce the overall emissions of their offerings.

The Toyota iQ city car
The Toyota iQ city car

The Toyota iQ upon which the Aston minicar is based releases around 99g/km of Co2 - not enough to bring Aston Martin’s fleet average under the projected 130g/km target, but enough to reduce any penalties for not doing so.

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