Mike Stevens | Dec 16, 2009

WHILE THE LATEST instalment in the Gran Turismo franchise remains on track for a March 2010 launch in Japan, Sony and Polyphony Digital are no closer to confirming dates for the English-language version.

Speaking with gaming site Destructoid, Sony Computer Entertainment America's Chris Hinojosa-Miranda said the company is hoping for a Summer 2010 (US) launch - around June or July at the earliest.

In early September, online retail giant Amazon posted a product page for Gran Turismo 5, listing a December 29 release date.

In the time since, Amazon has changed the date to March 31 - a date that would also seem inaccurate, given Hinojosa-Miranda's comments.

Toyota and GT5 publisher Polyphony Digital announced in October that the FT-86 concept would feature among the game's cars.

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