Mike Stevens | Dec 11, 2009

VICTORIA'S VICROADS, the Transport Accident Commission and the RACV have partnered with ANCAP to launch a new "Stars on Cars" pilot program for new car buyers.

Taking the form of swing tags and stickers attached to new vehicles in certain dealerships, the Stars on Cars labels will allow customers to more easily consider a car's ANCAP crash safety rating when purchasing a new car.

NR047 Mirror Tag_5

The pilot program is supported by Volkswagen, Hyundai, Subaru and Skoda, each manufacturer set to display the labels on new vehicles in their showrooms.

ANCAP Council Chair and VicRoads Manager Vehicle Safety, Ross McArthur said

that it was the first time that such a program has run in Victoria.

“The Stars on Cars program is based on a successful Western Australian pilot and will see up to 50 car dealers in Melbourne and Geelong being asked to display star crash rating stickers on vehicles with 4 or 5 star ratings,” Mr McArthur said.

“We are thrilled that Volkswagen, Hyundai, Subaru and Skoda have joined the program and are supporting our push for consumers to have more information about the safety of their vehicles.”

ancap_stars-on-cars_01 Mr McArthur acknowledged that vehicle manufacturers and importers in Australia have made great strides in improving safety over the past decade, but reminded that it is important to check safety features and ratings when purchasing a new vehicle.

According to new vehicle sales figures following the third quarter of 2009, 62 percent of vehicles sold in Victoria had ESC fitted as standard, compared to the rest of Australia with 55 percent.

Similarly, vehicles sold in Victoria with side curtain airbags fitted as standard made up 62 percent of sales, compared with 55 percent for the rest of Australia.

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