Mike Stevens | May 16, 2008

One unique facet of Japanese society is that there is genuinely not a single type of gadget, device, object, piece of clothing, or vehicle that is not fair game for hardcore customisation. You need only search for "square watermelon" or "poop hat"—I kid you not, dear readers—and you'll end up at a page you'll soon be forwarding to your workmates, creating yet another annoying email chain. Steane, stop sending me links to poop hats.

One such craze that is now experiencing a touch of exposure here in the west, is the highly customised scooter scene. These junior hotrods look like big cruiser motorbikes, but are often nothing more than Yamaha Majesty and Honda Fusion scooters with various aesthetic and vaguely functional bits thrown on. From massive car-style exhausts and glittery paint jobs to immense bodykit modifications and extreme lowering, there's nothing which can't be done that hasn't been done. For those of you that grew up on Japanese anime, you'll love this Akira-inspired mod.

Check out a collection of various custoscooters after the jump. Did I make up the word custoscooters? Yes. Will it catch on? Likely not.

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