Mike Stevens | Dec 3, 2009

HONDA HAS UNVEILED the Personal-Neo Urban Transport (P-NUT) Micro Coupe concept at the LA Auto Show today.

The P-NUT features a McLaren F1-like single front seat, flanked by two rear seats. Despite the coupe's diminutive size, Honda says its seating arrangement ensures ample legroom for all three occupants.


Externally, the P-NUT's styling was designed to illustrate one possible direction for "premium sophistication" in ultra-small vehicles of the future, while also maintaining a comfortable interior space.

"A new generation is discovering the benefits of living in urban centers that provide convenient access to business, entertainment and social opportunities," Dave Marek, Director of Advanced Design for Honda R&D Americas said.

"The Personal-Neo Urban Transport concept explores the packaging and design potential for a vehicle conceived exclusively around the city lifestyle."


The rear seats of the P-NUT Micro Coupe fold up to increase storage capacity, and the windshield serves as a heads-up display for navigation and the reversing camera.

While Honda has not specified an engine for the P-NUT, the rear engine bay has been designed to accommodate a conventional small displacement internal combustion engine, a hybrid petrol-electric system or an all-electric motor and battery setup.



Size class: Ultra-compact

Layout: Rear-engine, rear-wheel-drive

Passengers: 3

Length: 3,400 mm

Width: 1,750 mm

Height: 1,439 mm

Powertrain: Internal-combustion engine, hybrid-electric or battery-electric

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