Mike Stevens | Nov 30, 2009

MOTORISTS SWAPPING CARS for public transport can now track the CO2 emissions of their trip, thanks to a new Volvo mobile website and iPhone app.

Called Commute Greener, the CO2-counting app and mobile website allows users to see how the carbon dioxide emissions of their trips are reduced or increased with different methods of transport.

The app lists a number of transport options with CO2 g/km ratings that you can either keep or adjust to suit your local area (meaning users might need to contact their public transport provider to find out the emissions ratings of its fleets).

Adding GPS into the mix, Commute Greener can calculate your trip's emissions on the go, allowing you to vary your preferred route and modes of transport to suit your goals.


Commute Greener includes an online community and contact list, allowing users to compete for the greatest reduction in carbon dioxide emissions.

"Our tests have shown that individuals can quickly reduce their carbon dioxide emissions by more than 30 per cent using Commute Greener," Magnus Holmqvist at Volvo IT said.

The City of Gothenburg - Volvo's hometown - recently ordered Commute Greener for its 2000 employees, as an example for the city's residents.

Commute Greener is available through the iTunes App Store for AU$4.99.

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