Tony O'Kane | May 13, 2008

While the news that Audi will be replacing the 4.2-litre V8 in their S4 with a lighter, thriftier V6 may not be scorching hot, Audi have recently released some details regarding the specifications of that new engine.

The 3-litre direct-injection bent six will use an Eaton supercharger to force air into the engine, while an air-to-air intercooler will keep intake temperatures low. The supercharged V6 will produce around 213kW at a relatively low 4850rpm while peak torque is 420Nm at a V8-like 2500rpm, all while keeping emissions, fuel consumption and weight lower than the outgoing V8 model.

A greater availability of low-down grunt was apparently a deciding factor in the decision to supercharge rather than turbocharge, as Audi believes that the increasing weight of their cars would benefit more from an increase in pulling ability than an increase in power. Considering the Audi Q7 and A8 are also likely to feature the supercharged V6 on their spec sheets, it's an understandable concern. The new RS4 is expected to retain the current V8.

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