Steane Klose | May 11, 2008

More news regarding McLaren’s P11 supercar is coming to light. With production of the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren winding up in 2009, McLaren are gearing up for a suitable supercar replacement.

According to Autocar, early prototypes of the P11 began shakedown testing in mid-April in preparation for a 2009 unveiling before hitting showrooms in March 2010. The standard P11 will lead the charge with roadster and hi-po versions expected to follow.

Power will be provided by a 410kW/550hp V8 that is believed to be based on an existing Mercedes-Benz unit and will be built by Mahle in the UK.

If the P11’s V8 power seems a little light-on (it doesn’t to us) then you’ll be pleased to know that there is a P12 version planned. The heart of the P12 will be a 447kW/600hp+ V10 strapped into a lighter re-engineered shell for the ultimate in McLaren performance – possibly the first new McLaren that is worthy of being compared to the original F1. The P12 is likely to have a price tag in excess of £250,000.

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