Volkswagen Passat CC And Eos Updates Previewed

Mike Stevens | Aug 19, 2010

Volkswagen's sleek Passat CC is less than two years old, but with nearly all of the brand's models adopting the carmaker's new corporate face, will the Passat CC soon join them?

Unlike the CC, the Eos - launched internationally in 2006 - is soon due to be either updated or superseded, and a facelift in the meantime is possible.


As our renderings show, potential updates to the Passat CC and Eos would bring both models in line with the uniform styling appearing across the Volkswagen brand.

Starting with the Scirocco, the new long letterbox grille and sharp headlights can now be seen on the new Golf, Polo, the Europe-market Fox and even the upcoming Transporter update.

Volkswagen has offered no official word on updates to either car, but with the brand's showrooms filling up with models bearing the same corporate face, the Eos - and even the relatively recent Passat CC - will soon look outdated.

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  • Andy Wana says,
    6 years ago
    Massive props to the TMR renderings, fooled me there for a sec. Looks like the real deal if VW does update those cars
  • MattJelonek
    MattJ says,
    5 years ago
    That CC Passat looks the works. Now when to order that one?!

    Nice work guys
  • Anthony Mindel says,
    5 years ago
    I loved the previous VW corporate look so much,that I bought a Jetta.

    The chrome added a touch of class,the new look could be on anything...

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