Mike Stevens | Oct 26, 2009

PLATFORM SHARING is one of the many tricks today's carmakers use to maximise profit and minimise costs, and Porsche is likely to be no exception when Volkswagen takes a majority stake in the company.

Speaking with Britain's Autocar, Porsche boss Michael Macht said that Porsche platforms, including the 911, "could be made available to other VW brands".


The news follows confirmation recently that the world's second biggest carmaker will increase its upcoming stake in Porsche from 42 percent to 49.9 percent.

Macht said that while just about all of Porsche's technology could find its way to Volkswagen's other brands - which include supercarmaker Lamborghini and the luxury/supercar brand Audi - Porsche's engines are unlikely to be shared.

According to the Volkswagen boss, Stuttgart's engine development must remain unique to Porsche if it is to maintain its legendary reputation.

Already, the Porsche Cayenne SUV features a Volkswagen-developed VR6 engine.

Porsche and Volkswagen's first collaboration is expected to come in the form of an entry-level roadster - or 'Speedster' - based on the BlueSport concept.

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