Mike Stevens | Apr 30, 2008

The Japanese are nothing if not masters at separating your hard-earned dollars from the warm, cozy confines of your wallet. Whereas the rest of the world thinks of the automobile as a long term investment, many Japanese think of it as a seasonal fashion accessory. As everyone knows by now, there's the prohibitively expensive shaken roadworthiness inspection after three years of ownership, at which point most owners simply dump their rides for a newer model like Hugh Hefner.

As a result, in recent years JDM automakers have turned their latest wares into sartorial statements, producing an endless parade of limited editions. The Toyota Rumion Aerotourer Sora epitomizes this trend, which tends to affect the cheaper (ie, easily disposable) compact and kei cars.

Take one 1.5 (or 1.8) liter 2box that shares a platform with the USDM Scion xB, add a funky two-tone paint scheme of Light Blue Mica Metallic and Super White II, add a dash of body kit, offer it for a limited time only and voila, instant special edition! The Rumion Aerotourer Sora goes on sale from May through August.

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