Steane Klose | Apr 28, 2008

Official pics of the BMW Hommage concept are in. Built to acknowledge the 30th Anniversary of the BMW M1 there is no mistaking the original car is the inspiration for the Hommage.

Looking just as you’d expect a 2008 M1 to look the Hommage fuses modern and 80’s retro in a package that takes its styling cues from Paul Bracq’s original BMW Turbo concept as well as the Giugiaro designed M1 homologation special.

From the wheels, to the louvered rear, even the placing of the blue roundel on the rear body work, the devil is in the details and they all scream M1.


The front of the Hommage is the one place where the M1 theme has been toned down and aggression has been infused. With a ‘mouth’ that from some angles looks alien and from others resembles that of a crab with beady eyes, it has taken what is arguably the weak point of the original's design and introduced some character.

On the inside – well, there isn’t one that we can see or that BMW have made any mention of. The Hommage is purely a concept car.

The BMW Hommage is a statement, a clear message from BMW that they could do supercar just like the Italians – should they so desire.


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