Mike Stevens | Oct 16, 2009

NSW POLICE FIGURES released this week show that window and dash-mounted GPS devices are popular targets for thieves, with over 5000 stolen from NSW cars in the past 12 months - about 15 each day.

Police Minister for NSW, Michael Daley said that even though theft from vehicles has dropped 21 percent in the past year, it is alarming that so many reported thefts are of GPS navigation devices.

The minister said motorists may be unwittingly making their vehicles a target by leaving their GPS devices or holders on display.

"Leaving your GPS holder fixed to the windscreen or iPod charger plugged in is like leaving a $100 note on the dashboard," Mr Daley said.

"Even if you’ve removed your GPS unit and other valuables from your car, thieves will smash your window in the mistaken belief that they’ll find something of value."

Mr Daley said that the increasing popularity of very small, very expensive portable gadgets has made breaking into cars more lucrative than ever.

"Simple precautions need to be taken – take your valuables and accessories out of the car, make sure your windows are up and remember to lock your car," Mr Daley said.

These easy steps could stop you becoming a victim of crime.”

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