Mike Stevens | Oct 9, 2009

HYUNDAI HAS this week released its 2009 Sustainability Report, which focuses on the Korean giant's goal of being the world's greenest carmaker by 2015.

With the likes of the i10 Electric, Elantra LPI Hybrid, the US-focused 'Blue' range and the more audacious Blue-WILL and ix-Metro concepts, Hyundai is working hard on developing its green technologies.

Its aim is to become both an environmental leader and a technological innovator. To make it happen, the carmaker has set itself the target of achieving a fleet average fuel economy of 6.7 l/100km by 2015.

Figures of that order have already been set down as Federal requirements in the US and Canada, but neither country requires manufacturers to achieve those numbers until 2020.

Titled 'The Road to Sustainability', Hyundai's report focuses on raising the value of the Hyundai brand, on corporate global responsibility and on pro-environment strategies.

Speaking at last month's Frankfurt Motor Show, Hyundai Vice Chairman Euisun Chung described the Blue Drive programme as a means of developing low-carbon, fuel-efficient vehicles that customers will enjoy.

"Blue Drive is all about bold new thinking, about listening more carefully to what consumers are saying and what they really want. Our declared goal is bold: it's to be the industry's eco-leader," Mr Chung said.

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