Toyota FT-86 Concept Featured In Gran Turismo 5, Engine Revealed

Mike Stevens | Oct 7, 2009

THE TOYOTA FT-86 concept's video game doppelganger has been revealed today, sliding around a track alongside the fan-favourite AE86 Corolla in a new Gran Turismo 5 video.

The first motion shots of the FT-86 (albeit in a virtual realm), the new video offers a glimpse of Toyota's stylish new concept from a number of new angles, including what lies beneath the bonnet.


Moments in, the FT-86 rolls out from the back of a Toyota truck, before the bonnet is popped to offer a brief glimpse at the Subaru-supplied C-4S flat-four boxer engine that drives the concept's rear wheels.

Designed to inspire the same passion that Toyota fans have long held for the AE86 "Hachi Roku" Corolla, the FT-86 drives the message home by drifting around a race track alongside the venerable classic two-door.

More information will be revealed at the Tokyo Motor Show this month, which runs from October 24 to November 4, with the car likely to be unveiled at the event’s October 21 press day.

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  • Burdock says,
    6 years ago
    I'd like to point out that C4-S is not common nomenclature for Subaru engines. Rather, I'm pretty sure it says "D4-S" referring to Toyota's direct fuel injection system designed to better empower Subaru's flat-four.

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