Toyota FT-EV II Electric Vehicle Concept: Tokyo Motor Show

Mike Stevens | Oct 7, 2009

TOYOTA IS SET to unveil a new version of an old recipe this month, with the FT-EV II due to appear at the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show.

While the Japanese carmaker's sportscar fans will be focused on the FT-86 concept, the all-electric FT-EV II will have the attention of the eco-conscious.


Even smaller than the ultra-compact Toyota iQ, the FT-EV II will still seat four passengers comfortably, thanks to the absence of bulky drivetrain components beneath the floor.

Controlled via retro-styled drive-by-wire joystick controls, the FT-EV II gains even more room by leaving out the accelerator and brake pedal.

A dye-sensitized solar panel on the roof provides extra charging power while the car is on the move.

Electric sliding doors add a futuristic touch to the already future-styled FT-EV II, and see-through LED tail lights add concept flare.


With a driving range of just 90km and a top speed of 100km/h, the FT-EV II is best suited to urban environments where charging points are never far away and speed limits rarely reach beyond 80km/h.

Inside, the FT-EV II offers networking capabilities that allow passengers to connect to services tailored to the individual's preferences, such as downloading music and movie content.

Toyota describes the FT-EV II as not just another electric vehicle for the post-fossil fuel era, but as a concept car that focuses on the relationship between cars, people, society and data access.

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