Mike Stevens | Apr 22, 2008

As far as witty titles goes, I think that one's right up there. Japan has an emperor. The GT-R's got a new outfit available. Everyone's a winner. Look, considering I was going to roll with "GT-R Gets Its Rice On", I think we've done alright there.

Right, On to the news then. Yet another Japanese tuning house with a name only the Japanese could attach to cars, Zele, have come up with a subtle and all together appropriately styled new kit for the R35 GT-R. Coated in roughly the most offensive shade of orange I've ever seen, Zele's demo car shows a bodykit that runs the entire carbon fibre gamut—including a revised front bar with side intakes, a front lip, skirts, rear diffuser, side ducts, and a surge tank cover.

On top of that, Zele's GT-R kit also offers up four solid corners of forged Rays goodness, and an upgraded ECU to help you avoid the red face feature (RFF) that comes up when you try to step past 180kmh on the back straight.

Rims and ECU aside, I wonder if there's much performance value in the body kit. The car's already proven to be phenomenally fast; is there much beyond aesthetics that this kit can offer?

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