Mike Stevens | Apr 22, 2008

No doubt your first question is "Oh damn, where's my wallet?". Alright, probably not. Perhaps your first question is "What the flying fridge is a kei car?", and that would be a reasonable query.

Kei cars are a Japanese phenomenon specified by law as having no bigger than a 660cc mill, and being no larger physically than 3.4m long and 1.48m wide. Their diminutive stature and engine output allows them to take advantage of certain tax and insurance benefits.

Following the growing trend of realising that citizens are getting wise to the inherently boring nature of FWD cars (sorry, Type R drivers), Mitsubishi have today announced their intentions to release a RWD kei car. Anyone familiar with the brilliant little Suzuki Cappuccino will know how unexpectedly fun a kei car can become once you push rather than pull.

The Japan-spec version will of course be limited to 660cc, but with the growing fuel concerns and desire for small cars in the west, the potential exists for a turboed 1-litre version of the car to see overseas markets, with Europe being officially earmarked as a definite possibility.

I don't know about you lot, but I can't wait to see ricers tearing up the suburbs in highly modified versions of these RWD toy cars, with huge rims and massive turbos.

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