2010 Nissan GT-R Updates Confirmed, Spec-M And 2013 R36 GT-R Hints Revealed

Mike Stevens | Oct 6, 2009

SPEAKING TO PRESS at Nissan's Nurburgring testing facility, GT-R development boss Kazutoshi Mizuno confirmed this week that an updated GT-R is on the way for 2010, joining the luxury Spec-M model.

Looking beyond the current generation GT-R, Nissan Senior Vice President Andy Palmer told British website PistonHeads at the same event that a next-generation R36 GT-R could be here as soon as 2013.

2010 GT-R Update

Mizuno confirmed that the Spec-V's rear diffuser will feature on the 2010 GT-R, along with new side intakes, suspension improvements, and the option to include a NISMO data-logging tool for analysing and sharing driving data.

Mizuno said that marginally stiffer front spring and damper rates, along with stiffer bushing for the rear torsion control arms will make up the majority of the minor suspension upgrades.

The rear diffuser of the Spec-V will migrate to the regular GT-R, along with new vents aft of the rear wheels for improved airflow and brake cooling.

Basic engine tweaks include improved compatibility with Euro 5 emissions regulations, and an ECU modification to provide improved low speed tractability while the transmission fluid is still cold.

GT-R Spec-M Hints Revealed


Nissan Senior Vice President Andy Palmer told PistonHeads this week that the GT-R's handling and performance will remain largely unaltered in its guise as the upcoming Spec-M version.

What will change, according to Palmer, is the interior environment.

Offering a more 'exclusive' feel, the Spec-M will feature a higher quality sound system, more luxurious (and expensive) dash, door and seat trimming, and a more 'bespoke' experience.

2013 R36 Nissan GT-R

Speaking to PistonHeads at Nissan's Nurburgring-based technical centre this week, Palmer confirmed that the GT-R is a long-term model line for the Japanese number two carmaker, and that a next-generation model will arrive by 2013.

Palmer said that, despite the ongoing effects of the global economic downturn, Nissan is committed to the ongoing GT-R programme, and that its model releases are timed roughly in-line with those of the car's main rival - the Porsche 911.

The Nissan Senior Vice President said that the R36 GT-R will be an evolution of the current model, retaining the twin-turbo V6 and rear transaxle setup.

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  • Max_St-R says,
    6 years ago
    Make my GT-R a red Premium edition with the black wheels thanks- enuff said!
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    6 years ago
    Make my GT-R a price that reflects the actual exchange rate thanks.
  • Trump says,
    6 years ago
    Nissan Australia should be held accountable to the ACCC for the price they charge and the anti-competitve behaviour of make every possible attempt to block alternative imports.

    Shame on you Oz Nissan!
  • Godspeed says,
    6 years ago
    "Make my GT-R a price that reflects the actual exchange rate thanks."

  • Jamie says,
    6 years ago
    I would gladly handover the equiv of $80k USD for one tommorow but unfortunatly Nissan Oz think its ok to rip another $50k from buyers. Why ? A/ because they can.
    Wake up Nissan sell at an equivilant price OS and you will sell alot more of this gem.

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