Mike Stevens | Apr 18, 2008

Here you go folks; something of a scoop for your Friday afternoon. What you're looking at up there is a tiny screengrab of the DOTARS page we've also linked to, showing Australia's first road-registered MR-spec Lancer Evolution X, which is of course equipped with the SS-T transmission we featured earlier this week.

More information below the cut.

How do we know this is the MR? After all, it could simply be the GSR with the performance pack to explain the BBS rims. If you look closely though, there are some subtle points to notice. The chrome piping around the centre opening of the front bar, the gun-metal metallic centre bar, and the chrome trim along window sills, all show this to be the MR model. Also listed in the text are HID headlights, which are a standard feature on the MR only, as are the leather seats which you can just make out courtesy of the slight sheen on the headrest.

By the looks of the plates, it's registered in South Australia; presumably to Mitsubishi themselves.

[RVCS page]

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