Mike Stevens | Sep 30, 2009

JOINING THE Rocket III Classic and Touring, Triumph has announced the Rocket III Roadster for the Australian market, arriving in February 2010.

Triumph describes the Rocket III Roadster as the ultimate muscle streetfighter, moving out of the cruiser territory occupied by its Classic and Touring cell-mates.

Powered by an upgraded version of Triumph's three-cylinder 2297cc powerplant, the Rocket III Roadster offers an astonishing 224Nm of torque - 15 percent more than previously.


A sophisticated anti-lock braking system is fitted as standard - the first time for the Rocket III platform - helping bring the huge Roadster to a halt.

Triumph says the new features of the Roadster make it a hugely different riding experience.

The footrests are further back, lower down and more inboard than on the other Rocket III models, offering a riding position designed to be more comfortable to non-cruiser riders.


A plush new seat positions the rider higher and further forward, reducing the reach to the handlebars and making the Roadster easier to steer through corners.

There are also new rear suspension units, designed for a more comfortable and controlled ride.

The rear end, rear springs, front forks, yokes, and radiator shroud are all blacked-out. With big chromed pipes and immense presence, the Roadster has 'bad boy' style written all over it.

Pricing is yet to be confirmed, but the Roadster will be available from official Triumph dealerships from February 2010.

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