Mike Stevens | Sep 24, 2009

BRITISH SUPERCAR MANUFACTURER, Aston Martin, reckons hydrogen fuel cells, rather than batteries, is the better bet for powering electric vehicles.

Speaking at the Frankfurt Motor Show this week, Aston Martin boss Dr Ulrich Bez said that lithium-ion powered electric cars for "real world" driving are too far off to be investing so much time into the technology right now.

"The technology for [electric cars] will not become truly useable until at least 2020. Real-world driving will highlight their weaknesses," Dr Bez said.

"It is not something Aston Martin is working on, and it will not represent a true alternative to the combustion engine for a long time."

Dr Bez called for the automotive industry to put a greater focus on hydrogen and the development of better hydrogen fuel cells, and said that governments need to refocus their funding in this direction.

Aston Martin isn't alone in the push for hydrogen-fueled cars. Daimler, Ford, GM, Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Renault/Nissan and Toyota recently announced a cooperative effort to develop electric vehicles powered by hydrogen fuel cells instead of batteries.

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