Steane Klose | Apr 16, 2008

Hyundai first introduced ESP Stability Control to its light car range in early 2006, with the introduction of its Protectz Pack option on the Getz. Today Hyundai has announced a new limited time campaign that sees ESP fitted to the 1.6 litre Getz SX, Elantra SX and Tucson City SX as part of a driveaway price campaign.

It is inevitable that mandatory fitment of ESP to all new cars is coming but in the meantime any effort by a manufacturer that encourages people to buy a car with the life-saving technology fitted is worthy of commendation.

According to research conducted by the Monash University in Victoria, ESP can reduce the risk of single vehicle accidents that result in driver injury by as much as 68 percent.

“Hyundai believes the fitment of ESP Stability Control will be mandated on all new cars sold in Australia, and we are therefore including this life-saving technology as a feature of our Mid-Year Sale campaign. Our own research indicates that as soon as people understand what ESP Stability Control does, they value it even more highly than ABS anti-skid brakes,” said Kevin McCann, Hyundai’s Director of Sales and Marketing.

Hyundai’s ESP Stability Control offer runs until June 30.

Getz 1.6 SX - From $14,990 Driveaway with free ESP Stability Control

Elantra 2.0 SX - From $19,990 Driveaway with free ESP Stability Control

Tucson City 2.0 SX - From $24,990 Driveaway with free ESP Stability Control

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