Ford Won't Pursue 5-Star ANCAP Safety Rating For Ute Range

Tony O'Kane | Sep 21, 2009

FORD AUSTRALIA has confirmed that it won't upgrade its range of FG Falcon utes to offer side and curtain airbags as standard. This is despite the recent announcement from Holden that the entire 2010 Commodore ute line-up will feature six airbags from the factory.

In its base form, the Ford Falcon ute currently scores 4-Stars under ANCAP's testing protocol. A 5-Star rating is only possible with the passing of a side-impact pole test.


Ford offers an optional safety pack that includes side, head and thorax airbags for its FG ute range, and stability control is available on base model utes as a factory option. However there are no immediate plans to make such features standard equipment across the range.

Speaking at a recent press conference, Ford Australia President and CEO Marin Burela said ute customers preferred to have the extra safety kit available, but did not want it fitted as standard if it necessitated a price rise.

The Falcon ute currently features dual front airbags and ABS with electronic brakeforce distribution as standard.

Stability control, traction control and emergency brake assist are standard from XR6 grade upwards, and optional on lower-spec models.

[caption id="attachment_43010" align="aligncenter" width="555" caption="Ford Australia CEO Marin Burela."]Ford Australia CEO Marin Burela.[/caption]

The base Falcon ute with an automatic transmission retails for $1731 less than the equivalent auto-equipped Commodore ute, making it a slightly more attractive proposition for ute buyers on a budget.

Mr Burela said that Ford Australia would be keeping a keen eye on how buyers react to Holden's new safety-enhanced Commodore ute over the coming months, and making the safety pack standard-fit across the Falcon ute range wasn't entirely out of the question.

The FG Falcon sedan range currently boasts a full 5-Star ANCAP rating.

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  • Morris says,
    6 years ago
    Guess it just makes good economic sense for Ford if it means keeping price down.
  • rajman says,
    6 years ago
    So how will it go when stability control becomes mandatory? With the whole Ford/Holden rivalry, watch now how so many bag Ford against Commodore for being safer, since it's a hot topic for a selling point. Then the question remains: if you option all airbags on the Ford, is it then five star??
  • Phil C says,
    6 years ago
    Yes the Falcon Ute would be 5 star with the side airbags. In fact the Falcon sedan is 5 star without side airbags. The Commodore needed side airbags and a small front redesign (it's rear door came open/ajar in its first crash test.) to get it's belated 5 stars.

    The Falcon passenger cell is safer which is why it has a higher rating out of 38 than Commodore despite it's revision. Having said that, both are safe vehicles with very good dynamics which can help avoid an accident in the first place.

    PS I do think Ford should add the airbags if only for advertising.
  • Lindsay says,
    6 years ago
    Who cares, it's only fluoros.