Mike Stevens | Apr 15, 2008

When your art gets to a point where people like myself start wishing that maybe they'd like life a little more if our cars looked as exotically surreal as they do when you draw them, you know you're doing well.

I've been a fan of the head-shatteringly brilliant Dangeruss's work for a long time now, and today I was linked to the just as disturbingly flawless talent of Jon Sibal. The Lexus LF-A above, decked out in Top Secret livery and armed with modifications to take on the Nardo speed test, looks flatout deadly. It's like; GT-R who?

Speaking of GT-Rs, if you jump into Sibal's gallery, you can check out this amazingly rendered depiction of a rusted out R35 sitting on the side of the road somewhere in the future. I think I just kicked my jaw under my desk. And this obviously painstakingly completed Photoshop rendering of a Scion TC race car shows that, if they wanted it, Toyota would still have it.

Enjoy the next two hours you were supposed to spend working.

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