Steane Klose | Apr 15, 2008

Whilst it holds little relevance to the average person on the street, it appears that recent speculation concerning a targa version of Bugatti’s Veyron is in fact accurate. Bugatti spokesman, Georges Keller is reported to have confirmed that the supercar brand will be producing an open top version of the Veyron.

The option of a full convertible is not possible due to the design of the Veyron’s ‘safety cage’, instead we are likely to see a targa style removable roof panel. As the Veyron is basically one big engine, there is no storage space for the roof panel, but a fabric cover will be stowed in the vehicle in the event that inclement weather is encountered.

Removing the roof from the Veyron would be no small task. Remember, that this is a car packing 1001hp and capable of 407km/h, so structural integrity is vital. Underbody strengthening will be required and the extra weight of these changes are expected to reduce the Veyron Targa’s top speed – along with the fact that 400km/h+ speeds with a removable roof panel, could be interesting to say the least. It is rumoured that Bugatti will be limiting the top speed of the Targa to ‘just’ 350km/h.

Bugatti are only planning to build 300 Veyron coupes, along with a handful of the delightfully exorbident Fbg par Hermès limited edition variants and production is still underway. It is believed that Bugatti will limit the Veyron Targa to just 80 units. Price is somewhat irrelevant in this category, suffice to say that potential Veyron Targa buyers can expect to pay a hefty premium over the coupes $AU2.7million price tag…

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