Luxury Nissan GT-R SpecM To Wear 'Egoist' Badge? Surely Not

Mike Stevens | Sep 13, 2010

Nissan has reportedly settled on a new name for its upcoming luxury-spec GT-R variant.

The new comfort-minded version of the Japanese cult icon was originally set to wear a 'SpecM' badge, but according to reports out of Europe this week - surely unlikely, we would hope and pray - buyers may have to contend with the absurd moniker: the GT-R Egoist.

British magazine Autoweek reportedly spoke with an unnamed Nissan insider this week, quoted as saying that the name is "a bit of tongue-in-cheek," but that the brand "just wanted to have some fun with the name."

Someone is having a lend of Autoweek here.

Corporate gags aside, where the limited-edition SpecV focuses on reduced weight and enhanced handling, the SpecM is expected to offer a more upmarket interior with higher quality leather seats and other premium conveniences.

Nissan Senior Vice President Andy Palmer said last October that the GT-R's handling and performance will remain largely unaltered in SpecM guise.

The 2012 Nissan GT-R revealed in leaked images back in August
The 2012 Nissan GT-R revealed in leaked images back in August

What will change, according to Palmer, is the interior environment.

Offering a more 'exclusive' feel, the Spec-M will feature a higher quality sound system, more luxurious (and expensive) dash, door and seat trimming, and a more 'bespoke' experience.

Power is also unlikely to be altered, staying with the regular GT-R's 353kW and 590Nm of torque. It's possible, perhaps likely, that suspension will be adjusted to provide a more compliant ride.

However, Nissan is understood to be working on a more powerful 2012 upgrade for the GT-R, so it's possible the SpecM will be the first model to debut with boosted power figures.

Speaking with TMR recently, Kazutoshi Mizuno, Chief Engineer of the GT-R, said that future models may even adopt hybrid or electric-drive powertrains.

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