Mike Stevens | Apr 11, 2008

Dedicated Lexus blog The Passionate Pursuit have gotten their hands on a pair of scanned pages from a Japanese auto rag, showing what are presumably commissioned illustrations of what the alleged Lexus hybrid—purportedly based on the aging but still futuristic Prius—may look like. Considering the news that Toyota are working towards an expanded Hybrid range, there's certainly some credence to this story.

While I exist almost entirely to point and snigger at any dullard stupid enough to drive a vehicle that sources its energy from a production process that throws out just as much waste as any regular car, I do enjoy the look of this. I'd be the first to admit that my tastes are—well—somewhat unorthodox, but I feel this is a car that could be universally admired. Unlike the Prius, it seems to have the right flow front to back, and while I've always looked at the Lexus grille with the same face I make when looking at a Klingon, the headlights and battery-accomodating bonnet bulge really do whisper naughty things in my ear.

[Club Lexus]

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