Steane Klose | Mar 26, 2007

Phil Harding the Managing Director of Holden Special Vehicles has gone on record to say that HSV believe they are converting brand conscious European car owners to the local marque.

The VE range of HSV vehicles have benefited from the VE's clean sheet design. It is the first time that a Commodore based HSV product has not been held back by a compromised design. Enthusiasts will no doubt remember the tyre wear and lifeless steering issues of the previous models. HSV always managed to improve the cars out of sight but inevitable comparisons with their European rivals usually had them coming up short.

Recent comparisons between the Europeans and the VE HSV performance variants have shown them to punch well above their perceived weight category. Both steering and handling are now truly world class. The odd punch has finally landed and Fritz has returned to his corner with a fat lip...and a new respect for the big Australian.

The main European marques priced under $100,000 certainly have the upper hand when it comes to quality and technology but the local street fighters (Clubsport, GTS and Senator) win on value for money and of course performance. It's hard to argue with 6.0 litres of Chev in the value for money stakes especially in this price bracket.

HSV have posted record sales since the VE's release. Despite high fuel prices it would appear that V8 muscle is more desirable than ever.

More of the interview with Phil Harding can be found at

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